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Choose OnCommand® Insight to proactively manage your multivendor environment. Optimize existing resources and investment. Measure IT costs and value, and bring greater cost awareness to IT consumers.
OnCommand Insight helps optimize your existing resources for maximum benefit, while simplifying the process of determining what and when to buy.

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You Will Be Able to:

Lets you manage storage as an end-to-end service and integrate it into your entire service-delivery chain

  • Improve capacity planning with forecasts based on business unit or tier trends.
  • Report on costs by tenant, business unit, or tiers for showback or chargeback.
  • Plan complex changes and consolidations with ease and execute more quickly.
  • Integrate with enterprise, C-level reporting systems for strategic decision making.

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Tech Specs:

  • Forecast capacity more accurately with trending.

Tech Specs:

  • Perform cost reporting for showback and chargeback.

Tech Specs:

  • Set policies and best practices for operational excellence.

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